It’s Her Brand Coaching

From individual Coaching Sessions to small Group Workshops, It’s Her Brand Coaching provides global coaching programs to women all around the world in a variety of settings. Development Coach Ashley Rae, has used her own personal, professional, and spiritual life experiences to create uniquely focused and inspiring coaching topics within each of those areas, which she now shares through her signature 4-Step Development Program!

The Her Brand Mindset – As women, we represent and master many roles in life. From our roles within our families, communities, careers, social circles, and even our faith life, we are often times stepping out of one role and into another, while trying to juggle the many responsibilities that each role requires of us. The primary roles we choose to represent throughout our lives, and how and when we choose to master them, is different for each of us. The life and journey of each individual woman is unique and should be valued and CELEBRATED. There’s no set imaginary timeline or method to representing and mastering these various roles, as we all have different life experiences, abilities, opportunities, and passions. However, the roles we choose to represent, and how and when we choose to master them, will ultimately cultivate a personal brand unique to each of us. This personal brand will create a perception of who we are and what we have to offer the world around us. Although taking a passive approach to cultivating a personal brand is common, It’s Her Brand Coaching empowers and equips every woman with the ability to proactively cultivate Her Brand in an effort to be PURPOSEFUL, INTENTIONAL, and ENGAGED in the life she’s living and in the roles she represents and masters throughout her lifetime. By being proactive about Her Brand, each woman will be better equipped to become the woman she was created to be. #ItsHerBrandCoaching