Picking Your Weeds – Cultivating Your Future

Picking weeds can be an everyday activity for many gardeners, as weeds grow in our gardens and flowerbeds whether we like it or not. Ultimately, those weeds can stunt the growth and development and full blooming potential of our plants. To remove those weeds, we must be able to 1) identify the weed, 2) pick the weed, and 3) nurture the garden to provide our plants with the optimal environment to grow and to prevent the weeds from coming back. The way in which weeds can grow in our gardens, stunting the growth and development of our plants, is similar to the way in which negative influences can be present in our lives, stunting our own growth and development; personally, professionally, and spiritually. Therefore, we must be proactive about removing those negative influences from our lives in order to reach our full potential as women. In the first half of this signature 60- to 90-minute presentation, Ashley Rae will teach your audience how to remove the negative influences from their lives, by 1) deciphering the positive influences from the negative ones, 2) understanding the appropriate tools and techniques to use to remove the negative influences, and 3) learning to be intentional about nurturing the positive influences in the optimal environments, while not allowing the negative influences to creep back in.

Once negative influences are removed from our lives, we are able to cultivate our future and live the life we are meant to live. The truth is, as women, we represent and master many roles in life. From our roles within our families, communities, careers, social circles, and even our faith life, we are often times stepping out of one role and into another, while trying to juggle the many responsibilities that each role requires of us. Ultimately, the roles we choose to represent, and how and when we choose to master them during our lifetime, will cultivate a personal brand unique to each of us; a personal brand that creates a perception of who we are and what we have to offer to the world around us. In the second half of this presentation, Ashley Rae will equip the women in your audience with the tools they need to be proactive about cultivating Her Brand in an effort to be 1) purposeful, 2) intentional, and 3) engaged in the lives they’re living; allowing them to become the women they were created to be in a way that’s true to each of them based on their unique experiences, abilities, opportunities, and passions. (Although this presentation is generally geared towards female audiences, the message is equally as beneficial for both women and men alike and can be modified to suit any audience.)