Speaking Fees

Total Speaking Fee = Base Fee listed below for a 90-minute presentation/workshop + Travel Expenses, if applicable. (Travel Expenses include mileage, flight, and/or hotel expenses. Base Fee discounts or waivers may be available depending on the nature of the event.) Please inquire for details.

  • Level 1 = $500.00 (100 attendees or less)
  • Level 2 = $1,500.00 (101-500 attendees)
  • Level 3 = $2,500.00 (501+ attendees).

Contact Molly Engen, Director of Community Outreach and Business Development, for more information by filling out the form below or by emailing her directly at molly@itsherbrand.com. You may also view our profile on GigMasters/The Bash at the link below for more information. https://www.thebash.com/ihbspeaking

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