The Cope Well Foundation

Cope Well Board B:WAs the Founder and President of the Cope Well Foundation, it was my own diagnoses of Melanoma Skin Cancer in 2008, and my personal journey with Cancer Survivorship, that sparked my initial passion to start a foundation that could have a positive and lasting impact on those it supported, while having relevance to my own experience.

In 2011, I launched the Cope Well Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that focuses primarily on helping Survivors and their Support Systems ‘Cope Well’ emotionally and spiritually during their Survivorship Journey. The Cope Well Foundation promotes the importance of 4 signature Coping Outlets, all of which have been developed by Cope Well and have proven to be not only beneficial, but essential, for the emotional and spiritual well-being of Survivors and their Support Systems. Those Coping Outlets are: Survivorship thru Mentorship, Live Well thru Activities, Coping thru Counseling and Cope with Hope.

Although the primary focus of the Cope Well Foundation has been on Cancer Survivorship since the launch of our organization in 2011, we also promote the benefits of our Coping Outlets to Survivors and their Support Systems in ALL areas of life, as Survivorship isn’t limited to Cancer alone. We also understand that the emotional and spiritual affects of Survivorship expand beyond the Survivor. Those affects can have an equal impact on the Survivor’s Support System as well. We refer to this as the Supportship Journey. Therefore, the Cope Well Foundation also promotes the benefits of our 4 signature Coping Outlets to those who support those in need.

To further promote the benefits of our Coping Outlets and to increase the impact we have on the Survivorship/Supportship Journey of  Survivors and their Support Systems, we also assemble and distribute our signature ‘Cope Well to Live Well’ Survivor Sacks and our ‘Cope Well to Live Well’ Survivor/Support Packets. For more information about the Cope Well Foundation, please visit Together we will ‘Cope Well to Live Well’.


‘Cope Well to Live Well’ Coping Seminar – As a Cancer Survivor and the Founder/President of the Cope Well Foundation, Ashley Rae created this signature 15-30 minute Coping Seminar to bring awareness to the coping needs of Survivors and their Support Systems and the benefits of the Cope Well Foundation’s 4 signature Coping Outlets. If you belong to a group, organization or business who would like to learn more about Cope Well’s mission and the benefits of their signature Coping Outlets that they promote, please fill out the form below! You may also visit for more information about the Cope Well Foundation. Seminar Fee – $0 – FREE!

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