The Path Unplanned

After trying to conceive children for nearly 4 years, Andrew and Ashley Klinger’s struggles with infertility resulted in their inability to conceive. However, the couple found their ‘inability’ to be a blessing, as it provided them with the ‘ability’ to recognize that God had a different plan for their lives; a plan that lead them down the wonderful path of adoption and foster care. While doing their best to navigate the path unplanned, Ashley Rae shares how the couple has learned to embrace the journey and to find joy in even the most challenging of moments, as those moments have, yet again, provided them with the ‘ability’ to become the parents they were meant to be and to grow as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. (Although this presentation is generally geared towards female audiences, the message is equally as beneficial for both women and men alike and can be modified to suit any audience.)